Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Have No FEAR, New Internet Marketing Software Is Here.

My friend, Mike Litman has Un-leashed his new
Total Coach
software program after 2 years in the making.

NOTICE! New Software Technology Makes
Starting an Internet Business Easier than Ever.

Have you ever thought that starting an Internet business
Has progressed so far that it is now too late to start?

In 2004, I asked my mentor,

How do I get started?

“Get a website,” he told me.

OK, I got my mentors Web-Guru to build me a website.
What’s next?
My mentor said, “Get an auto-responder.”

OK, (even I did not know what that was) I subscribed to one.

Next I was told to write email messages and ezine articles.

What? How do I do that?

What did I do next?

I just got started doing what my mentor said to do.
He said, “Write a series of messages, give something away,
Start a newsletter or Ezine, write an eBook, get testimonials,
Do workshops and seminars including tele-seminars.

I did all of that at a cost of ten’s of 1000’s of dollars each
With it’s own learning curve, time and money investment.

That took years to learn and it is what they call, “Web 1.0.”

Today we have what is called, “The New Media, Web 2.0.”

What is that, you ask? I asked that also.

Maybe you have heard these 4 terms; blogging, SEO,
Online video programming and social media sites such as
You-tube, facebook, twitter and many more social sites.

DON’T WORRY, new software is here with,
learning tutorials, Fr*ee webinars, video seminars,
live seminars, and these are just some of what you
Get at no investment for 30-days.

You get classroom training, Goals setting, branding,
How to become a coach and even have affiliate marketing
To get this all for FR*EE.

Now for the best part; you get all of Web 1.0 and
2.0 Marketing Materials included.

You get your own website, auto-responder, article submitter,
Press release submitter, pod-cast submitter, video submitter,
A new social network, client acquisition software,
Marketing materials, fulfillment central, your own
Marketing copy and you can create your own radio shows.

This took me 5 years to learn and you can get it all
for a fraction of time and money that I invested.

Join with me and this new Internet Marketing and
Coaching Technology System, email:


Let me help you to “Create Your Power.”