Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How can you achieve Success if LIFE keeps getting In the Way?

What is the biggest deterrent to
Accomplishing your Dreams
And Goals?

I have found that answer after
5 years of coaching clients from
Around the world.

What is it, you ask?

Hold on for a little longer, please.

Every year we start off with all good
Intentions by creating the famous,
“New Years Resolutions.”

What happens to them?
We discard them in a matter of days
If not hours. Why?

Why, Why, Why?

Part of the answer is that “LIFE”
Gets in the way.

All of a sudden the same-o, same-o
Enters our life again.


Work, family, finances, relationships,
Recreation, education, travel, obligations,
Leisure, church, repairs, spare time, cooking,
Eating, sleeping, resting and everything else
Contribute to not taking action on the BIG Goal.

That causes us to stagnate our efforts towards
Taking action on our Dreams.

All of a sudden a day, week, month or even 90-Day’s
go by before you know it and very little, if anything
Is accomplished for your BIG dream.

Has this happened to you? Probably.

Ok frank, let us get to the WHY and HOW
We correct this nasty habit.

Here it is my friends, ready.

It is the HABITS that we create.
Yes, we create them.

“People form habits and habits form futures.” Mike Litman

It takes 30-days to form a habit and that is just
the beginning , another 30-days re-enforces
that habit and finally an additional 30-days
sets that habit firmly into your psyche.

90-days; get it?


It is a natural progression just like the seasons;
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.
All are 90-Day Goal timeframes.

Here is an actual example of taking 90DayGoals
And putting them into focused action habits.

My friend had a BIG Dream of getting into
Internet Marketing, authoring a book and
Marketing that book into a #1 best seller
To become a platform speaker.

WOW! What a BIG Goal.

The problem was that she did not know
Anything about HOW to do any of that.

Here is what she Invisioned:
Create a HABIT of doing something toward
Moving her BIG Dream forward each day.

HABIT: The 1st 30-days.
She signed-up for an Internet Marketing seminar
And started to learn everything that she could.
She took notes and outlined what she needed to learn.

HABIT: The next 30-days.
She created a Blog and each day wrote down what she
Was learning in a logical order about the Internet.
This was creating a digital record of her progress.

HABIT: The next 30-days.
She built a website, auto-responder and setup business.
With her digital Blog created she edited and compiled
These 30 lessons into an eBook, put it on Amazon and
She used her social network to market her print book.

Guess what happened? Her book reached #1 on Amazon,
The Internet was creating fabulous results and she was
Flown to Singapore, all expenses paid to speak on the
Platform about HOW she is accomplishing her BIG Goal.

Tracy Repchuk is the author of
“31-Days To Millionaire Marketing Miracles”
You can Google her to see her amazing results.

Stop Procrastination and start creating 90-Day Goal Habits.

Instead of LIFE getting in the way,
"Have LIFE work for you by
Creating new LIFE Habits." FG

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You make a commitment to use the information
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To your continued Success.

Frank Gasiorowski