Friday, January 09, 2009

Stop Failing NOW Before It Becomes A Habit in 2009.

Stop Failing NOW Before It Becomes A Habit.

I have been doing Goals research for 5 years and I have compiled some amazing results that will allow you to stop failure in its tracks; right now and forever.

“People form habits and habits form futures” my mentor Mike Litman told me. Why are habits so powerful? Well, here is the truth about that statement. Habits are our comfort zone.

We feel safe within our habits whether they are good habits or bad habits. We get that
Warm and fuzzy feeling when we adorn ourselves in our habits. That is true even when they are uncomfortable habits. Habits become our security blanket.

You may ask, “OK, when we are comfortable that’s great but when we are feeling lousy about our conditions, why do we keep doing the same old habit?” We continue doing the old habits because it is harder to change them into new ones than keep the old ones. Why is that? F E A R. is the answer. The saying, “False Expectations Appearing Real” applies.

My friend, Dr. Mike Davison say’s, “Forget Everything And Run” the “fight or flight” syndrome can fit this analogy.

Fear of failure: We already know what we are doing and that is better than experiencing an unknown factor. You just don’t know what you will get if and when you change a habit. It has been said that it takes 21-days to create a habit but my own stats reveal that it is actually 30-days initially. You have to repeat that habit for another 30-days to reinforce it and again for 30-days to get a residual benefit. That’s 90-days.

Does that seen like a lifetime to you? I hope not because it is not. It is a lifestyle change only. Do you want to lose weight, get healthier, make more money, get a better job or find that perfect love-one? Take one day at a time, change your attitude and become 1% better than the day before.

You may also ask, “Only 1 percent?” Yes, a 1 % attitude shift will allow you to attain miracles. Change your ATTITUDE and CHANGE your LIFE. See yourself as the change that you are going after. Be the change that you want to see. Get a Vision, Make a Decision, Change your Habits, Use a strategy that has worked for others and Take immediate intense Actions by using small baby steps daily. Write down your plans. Work your Plan. Finally, Celebrate your new 1% successes each and every day.

The difference between winning and losing in most competitions is less that 1% or even 100th of a percent. Think of this, if you get 1% better each day for 90 days you will become 90% better in every 90-day cycle. Every year has four 90-day cycles; summer, fall, winter and spring. It’s that natural and you can do it. It’s your gift from Mother Nature.

Intention: Say, ”This Year 2009 is My time to Shine. “Let Your Light Shine In 2009”
That’s your new motto.

Say, ”I am healthier, in better shape, physically, mentally and spiritually than ever before
And I am getting better and better everyday.

I have a Dream and I live for that Dream everyday.

Miracles are on their way.

Are you ready?