Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simple Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

John Di Lemme, "Mr.FindYourWHY" and
Frank Gasiorowski, "Mr90DayGoals"

Your Dream LOVES You but
Do YOU Love Your DREAM?

"You gotta have a Dream because without a Dream,
how will you know when your Dream comes true?
Dr. Mike Davison, "Your Destiny Doctor"

"Live for your Dreams everyday and
watch the Miracles happen"
Frank Gasiorowsk, "Mr.90DayGoals"

"Imagination is a preview of
life's coming attractions" Albert Einstein

"Dreams are the seeds of the future
and start from LOVE in your Heart"

"F.A.I.T.H. is Finding Answers In The Heart"

Do you realize that YOU have a Dream
that is waiting for you to find,
plant, cultivate, grow and nurture?

These are the steps to do before you
can harvest and reap the Abundance.

As long as Earth endures,
Seed time and harvest...
shall never cease. Genesis 8:22

"I don't know my Dream" you say.
"How do I find my BIG Dream?"

You were given a Dream
but modern day life
may stand in your way.

We live in a rush-rush,
"I want it now" society
that stifles our inherent goal:
Living our Dream.

Ask yourself these questions.
"What is it that I really want?
If I could really get what I want,
what would I do differently?"

Now think all the way back,
as far as you can and remember
the times that something magical
happened in your life.
That was your Dream calling you.

It says, "I love you, do you hear me?"
When you hear the Dreams calling
you from your past,

"Write down the revelation
and make it plain on tablets.
...for revelation awaits the appointed time; will certainly come and will not delay."
Habakkuk 2:2

The 1st two steps in 90DayGoals is
Visualize your Dreams,
write them down and the third step is to take

What if you can really have ALL of your Dreams
but you don't do anything to make them real.

Would that be Bad or really Horrible?

The good news is that you can have
ALL of your Dreams.
Is that good or really FABULOUS?

"It's possible to achieve my Dreams,
it's Possible." Les Brown

Create an anchor for your Dream.
Find something that is personal to you.
It may be a smooth rock, a necklace or bracelet,
a ring, a pin, a picture or photo or
any symbol that represents your Dream.

Use this anchor every-time you think of your
with the INTENTION that it is coming to you.


What you believe in your mind
you will achieve in your life.

FEAR may show it's ugly head.
It is said the FEAR is
"False Expectations Appearing Real" or
"Forget Everything And Run."

Either way, don't give in to your FEARS.
Over 95% of our FEARS never materialize.

That's a FACT, Jack.

"Live for your Dreams everyday..."
I mean,
LIVE to create the environment
for your Dreams to grow and flourish.

Wake-up expecting a Miracle today, "
...and watch the Miracles happen."

Wake-up with that expectation,
that burning desire and belief
that your Dreams will happen,
T O D A Y.

Now, plan to do something that
will advance your Dream.

"What one thing can I do today
that will move my life forward?" Mike Litman

Now prepare to do it with a laser focus
and a definiteness of purpose.

"Just Do It" Nike

My friends, you may say, "I have heard all of that before
from many different sources,
what makes you think that this plan is any different?"

Yes, I hear you.

Nothing is really any different since the creation
of life on this earth.

We have been given the free-will to decide
and make decisions.

Information is available for us to use and
learn to make intelligent choices.

"ASK for whatever you want me to give you"
1 Kings 3:5

This plan will work for everyone who works this plan.
It's that simple.

You must have the Desire to achieve your Dream
then you must take ACTION on that Dream
and Love your Dream when it appears.

Remember, "Your Dream Loves Y O U."

Your dedicated Life Goals Coach,