Monday, June 23, 2008

Did you get it

Did you get it?

Really, did you get it?

Come Frank,
stop playing with me,
What are you talking about?

OK, I won’t continue the suspense
but will
your pain continue after I explain?


Did you get your Miracle today?

If not, why not?

“Your Dream Loves you but
do you Love your Dream?” John DiLemme

I'm really serious about this.

When you Love your Dream you will be
doing something everyday to achieve
your hearts passion.


Tell me the truth, what have you done today
To honor your Dream? What one thing?

Just one thing...

Tell me, tell me, come on, give it to me.

What I usually hear are excuses for not getting
Anything done today, yesterday and
last week.

What, has a week gone by already?

You bet it has, tell the truth.

You have to answer that for yourself, my friend.

If you have said that from time to time,
I have a gift for you that will help.

If you have the pain of not enjoying every
Minute of everyday, dancing with your
BIG Dream and enjoying the happiness,
you can use the,
“Moving Forward Daily Goals List.”

My friend, email me at
And request, “Moving Forward Daily Goals List”
In the subject line and I’ll send you this tool.

I know that you can live your dreams with this
Simple 90DayGoals achievement tool.

It worked for me when Mike Litman told me
About this secret a few years ago.

It works for me everyday. It will work for you.

I believe in you and I await your email request.

Your 90DayGoals Coach,