Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dreams, I've had a few but I did it my way.

Today, let's examine Dreams. OK?

Dreams, how important are they?

1- Vision (the inner),
What is a vision but a Dream that is
Internalized and inserted into our conscious mind.

2- Externalize & Materialize your Dream (the outer)

3- Re-internalize your Dream into your
subconscious mind.
(the inner & the outer)

"You gotta have a Dream because
without a Dream,
how will you know when your
Dream comes true?"

Dr. Mike said this to me from his show
“Possibilities Radio” in 2004,

OK, so now you have a Dream but
you have had many Dreams in your life.

So what?

Some came true, some did not,

What about that, you say?

I believe that you are given a Dream,
Yes given a Dream at birth.

By having the Dream you have
the ability to make it happen.

We live in a material world, (reality)
our Dreams live in our head.
(unconscious reality)

That is two very different places.
We must release our Dream
into our material world.

Frank, how do I do that?

Ah, here is the secret.

You write down your Dream.

Bring your Dream from the inner to the outer.

"Writing is the doing (Action)
part of thinking" As Glenn Dietzel told me.

Aristotle said that we think in mental images.

Try it, when I say fire truck,
what do you see?

A fire truck, right.

You may even see a RED fire truck.

When you dream of that Mon*ey,
what do you see?

You see Pile and piles of Greenbacks, don’t you?.

Now step into your dream.

Take a test drive in that new Dream car.
A BMW, is it?

Have your picture taken in it.

Post that image on your wall or
put it in your mirror.

Dream this.

A 4 hour work week,
A month relaxing in Tuscany,
Ton’s of cash in the bank or in your mattress,
(it's your Dream, why not?)

"When you Dream it,
and see it and believe it,
you can achieve it."

That’s a guarantee.

“Live for your Dreams everyday
and watch the Miracles Happen” FG