Saturday, October 07, 2006

What's The BIG Deal? Small Deals.

You have to make small deals before you can make bigger deals.

Just like you can't make a million dollars before your make $500,000, before your make $100,000, before you make $50,000, before you make $10,000, before you make $5,000, before you make $3,000, before you make $1,000, before you make $500, before you make $200 dollars.

Every level of income demands a new you. Every level of YOU demands a new you but you can't get there before you master the smaller YOU of your present financial level. You just can't. …. Lottery winners’ are an example. Many are broke after a few years because they never mastered the steps to making, keeping and growing money.

We will have speed bumps that test our ability and persistence. They can create roadblocks and even brick walls. They can keep you from having financial success in your future. One thing is waiting for that really big deal or that opportunity that will make you a millionaire overnight. While you are waiting a week or a month goes by. When that month is gone, it's gone, Good-Bye!
What have you got if you did not take even a small action step? -ZERO-.

Now get this!

That month is going to go by anyway, whether you do something or not. So why wait, who knows when that BIG deal is going to come in?

What if you aren’t ready? That big deal that you have been waiting for could pass you by.

But, now get this; this is worth your financial future. When you do one small deal this month and make $200 and another next month and another the month after that, in 90 days and you can have $1,200 coming in every month. You will create multiple streams of residual income. That original $200 might have been a small deal. Your friends will laugh and say, $200? What's that going to give you?

You just smile and say, "My financial freedom, that's what.” Just one small deal completed and you will start believing and releasing your limiting beliefs, you will see that you can do it and you can be an inventor of money.

Just those three $200 deals will mean $4,800 a year just by doing the 90 day goals plan once, nothing else. I won't even mention if you do it again for 90 day's and again, and again. The potential is awesome. Would $5,000 make a difference in your life? You bet it would. If you need more do it again, now that you know how.

Now get this and this is BIG!

When you have enough streams of income coming in you don't have to work overtime to make ends meet anymore. You can take that time and build your empire not your boss's kingdom. (A JOB is not designed to make you rich, just you’re Boss.) You now can get your time back. When you have enough income streams, you can Kiss that JOB (just Over Broke) goodbye. You get you life back. How much money would that take? Would it take $5000, $30,000, 50,000, 80,000, or 100,000?

You can wait for that BIG deal and stay broke or take the $200 small deal and get rich. It’s your choice.

Remember, being ready plays a big part in your success.

But, you have to start small.

Remember, every level of income demands a new you.

Could you give your presentation to the CEO of Dell, Goggle, Mobil, Microsoft, Intel or GM today? Do you have what it takes to sell you and your products to them? What about your local business's? How about the local food Chain, the WAWA chain or the Subway stores? Could you get your CD into Starbucks? Can you?

Maybe you can but if you do, I guarantee that you have given your presentation to a smaller audience many times before. You probably failed many times before also. Failing is all part of growing. If you are not growing, you are dying. That’s a fact! Tell me if I'm wrong but I think not. That's all part of making it happen. Before you can become a person of success you need to become a person of value to your prospects. That takes small steps.

The key to financial freedom is having many streams of income so that you don't have to work for someone else. You will have given yourself time freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom, health freedom, family freedom, freedom to give of yourself more freely and the freedom of personal development without anyone keeping you chained down. Small deals are the key to setting you free but not until you master the small steps. Inch by inch, it's a chinch.

How important is it for you to have your life back, having the life that you want and getting financial freedom?

Small deals, that’s the BIG deal.