Thursday, October 05, 2006

Leverage the invisible to create your future

I was reviewing some old Mike Litman tapes and discovered
A little known but obvious secret used by some great people.

This is what is presented on those tapes.

How would you like the world calling you whatever you want?

If you wanted the world calling you something special,
What would that be?

Mohammad Ali/ Cassius Clay, it is said the world over that he is the greatest.
How did that happen? He is still called that today.

Think about that claim, “I am the Greatest”

A speaker out west, Las Vegas is called, “America’s hottest young speaker.”
Do a search on James Malinchak or and what does it say,

“The world’s hottest young speaker”

How can you get people to perceive your business that way?

Leveraging the invisible to create the impossible” and a steadfast belief in
Yourself, that’s how.

Feb. 2001, Mike Litman started on the air with his first Mike Litman
Personal Development Radio Show.

What did Mike dream of hearing, what was the best thing for Mike to
hear from, let’s say, Katie Coric, Oprah, or anyone in the publics eye?

Mike wanted to hear them say,

Mike Litman’s Radio Show is the #1 show for Personal Development.

This is the secret, He leveraged the invisible to create the impossible.
Mike started calling his show the #1 radio show by himself.
He had 3 listeners but he knew he had a belief that he was #1.

What did Mohammad Ali at 19; James Malinchak and
Mike have in common: they all started this perception
To the world.

Take a bite of the small potato and turn it into a sweet potato.

Now what are you going to do? Take that giant a leap of faith.

If you don’t feel comfortable calling yourself #1, The Top…salesman,
Real estate investor or stock broker, the cities most inspiring speaker
Than get someone in your industry to say it about you.

What if you are or become the best at what you do and
people don’t know about it, that would be a crime.

I believe that you are the best at what you do. Who else can do it better?
Who else has had the same experiences that you have had,
the same pain and disappointments, the same advances and the same gifts?
No One, NADA.

If you are a real estate agent who wants to get business,
Who do clients want to go to?

The perceived best, that’s who.

It’s who the clients perceive is the best are the ones that get the business.
Why not tell them so?

Use your signature file to tell them, use your VM to tell them.

When people are shopping for the perceived best company to do
Business with: Why not you? Now, you make that claim on your email,
Voice Mail and you website. How about your business card?

Making the claim, telling that claim and showing the world that you are
That claim is leveraging the Invisible and creating the impossible.

The Universe will conspire with you to make it happen
and if you believe it is true it will happen.