Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Greatness Nation

90 Day Goals VIP Team

I have some AWESOME 90DayGoals Development news.
"Mr90DayGoals" (Me) is introducing Mike Litman on his Greatness Nation Morning Motivational calls at 7 and 10am Eastern Time, Mon- Fri.
If you want to learn about accountability and other life changing Words of wisdom, I'll talk to you on Mike Litman's,
GREATNESS NATION Morning Motivation teleCall every morning at: 6:55 am and 9:55am: Call 512-225-3513... pin 68335#
I do the early morning warm-up and Hello's and giveYou a 90DayGoals 'TIP' within that 5 minute time slot.

Mike arrives in a blaze of excitement on the hour Tuesday to Friday, don't miss these calls.
On Mondays, Dr. Mike Davison and I take you on a journey that will excite you and get your week started right.
When you get your day started right, your evenings will end with AWESOME personal achievement!

90DayGoals developments:

The studio has opened it's doors.The studio is a Voice-Over International Communication Entertainment Network that has been a Goal of mine for 2006.
Affiliated with Smoothe International in the UK.

Producer of the Proverbs BibleMixx 2 CD set,Narrated by "MrG", yours truely, "Mr90DayGoals" and to be released for the Holiday season. The Bible narrated with some Funky music is a unique blend of my Voice and syncopated rhythms.

The "TodaysGuest" TV interview show has started production. The 1st airing will be in October, 2006 on AACTV in Maryland. Affiliated with GoalsRadio and GoalsTV this is another 90DayGoals fulfillment.

I will have a regular 90DayGoals PodCast within 90 days. Stay tuned.
Contact me at for details.