Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Think and grow what?

Think and do what?

Think about this..

Think and Grow Mentally Wealthy and Rich…
Think Outside the Box…
The Power of Positive Thinking…
Creative Thinking…

What do you think? What is the common thread that is in the listing above?

Yes, you guessed it: Think.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” the entire book revolves around one premise and that is to “Think” before anything else can happen in your life.

Everything that you create was created by your thinking. Your thoughts create your Dreams and Goals and taking Action on your Dreams and Goals creates your success.

The modern in-crowd like to say, “Think outside of the box”, meaning to be creative with your old “Stinkin-Thinkin” and to find a new way of thinking that solves a problem.

What about thinking inside the box, first? Many people are so busy trying to think out of the box that they miss what was the best way to think. That is the inherent way we were born with and the natural way of finding the solution within the box. That would be to use your "Common-Sense". When we try so hard to think outside of the box we may tend to take too much time and that can lead to putting the project off completely. The solution may have been right under our nose, our natural ability to use "Common Sense".

Positive thinking works better than negative thinking for success motivation. Thinking of positive affirmations is a practice needed 80% of the day because without them we will receive 80% negative input from CNN (Constant Negative News), the group of associates at the water cooler, Newspapers and TV. That will give us more ”Stinkin-thinkin” and the thinking spiral continues to go downward. We get our mental power from positive thinking. Negative thinking will take power away from us. Keep your thinking positive with affirmations.

To enhance your creative mind work through your subconscious and use emotions. Your Major Positive Emotions are, Desires, Hope and Faith, Sex, Enthusiasm, Romance and the greatest of these is LOVE.

Negative emotions that you need to work away from are, Jealousy, Anger, Greed, Revenge, Hatred, Superstition and the worst of these is Fear.

The Course of Miracles states that the opposite of Love is Fear, so we are either in an emotional state of Fear or with the emotion of Love. What’s your choice?

We are either moving toward or away from these emotions in our life. Avoid the negative emotions and move toward the positive emotions in your daily life. Here is the Secret, Positive and Negative emotions cannot occupy space and stay in the mind at the same time. Work on developing a HABIT of staying with positive emotions for your thought process. That thought process will lead to your success.