Wednesday, January 11, 2006

90 Day's To a New You

Don’t read this article...
if you want to stay the same,
if you are satisfied with your life and you are happy with what you have achieved to now.
Don’t read this.


If you want to become a new you in 90 day’s, if you
want to make positive changes in your life, starting now,

This year, 2006, will be your BEST year ever,

if you follow a few easy to learn and
simple Goals planning steps.

First, what does the word Goals mean to you?

Don’t be afraid of the word, Goals.

I define the word G O A L S as,

G = Going after your Dreams
O = Organizing and planning
A = Action Steps to achievement
L = Learning new self-talk affirmations
S = Success is NOW

Go after your dreams by taking some time to reflect
on your life and what you have the most pleasure doing.
When you find out what Dreams it is that motivates you,
Write them down. Think about why you thought
of these dreams today.

These Dreams are probably the gift that you have had since birth.
Maybe you were told that you can’t do anything right or that
you don’t have what it takes to achieve your Dreams.

Forget those negative thoughts, they are from the past and
have no relationship to the greatness that you have
available to you right now. Yes, that’s correct;
you have GREATNESS available to you, right now.

Greatness has been waiting for this time to materialize in your
Life and it’s the reason that you are reading this article.

Now, Organize and plan your next 90 day’s by breaking
your dreams into accomplishable “Baby Steps”.

Take a new Action Step each day toward your new Dream.
Breaking down your Dream into daily Action steps
is a sure-fire way to achievement. In just 90 Day’s,
you will have 90 Action steps toward achieving
your BIG Dream. Think about that, 90 Action Steps.

When was the last time your achieved 90 of anything?

Learn new way’s to talk to yourself.

You’re “Self-talk” is the main reason that you succeed or fall short
accomplishing your Dreams and Goals. Review the talk that is going on
in your mind. What is being said in that gray matter? Tell the truth,
is it positive and motivating or is it negative and depressing?

Good news! You are the only one with the power to change it.
Create a list of positive power words, affirmations, quotes, phrase’s
and motivating song’s that will inspire you. Use them over and
over again until they become a habit.

Your Success is at hand and in 90 day’s you will be on your way
to achieving your Dreams and Goals. The Dreams that you have had
stored-up inside of you until now.

Frank G.