Thursday, January 05, 2006

FREE GIFT! The Moving Forward Daily Goals List

I am very Happy! I have just finished creating a tool for YOU to achieve your
Dreams and Goals, quickly and efficiently.

It's easy and it Works!
"Moving Forward Daily Goals List"

This one page tool will allow you to make MASSIVE strides toward your Dreams & Goals. Use this method everyday and in 90 Days you will be amazed at what you have accomplished.

It works because it is so simple. If you achieved an ACTION- STEP everyday you will have created that many Action-Steps: 10 days = 10 Action-Steps, 1 month = 30 Action-Steps and in just 90 Days, you will have achieved 90 Action-steps.

You do the math.

When you use the

"Moving Forward Daily Goals List"

you will be unstoppable.

Try it, you'll like it.
Frank Gasiorowski

Moving Forward Daily Goals List
For 2006

From your complete list of 90 Day Dreams and Goals, select 3 to work on for this list. This is a short list for the first 90 Day program.

List 3 BIG Dreams and Goals:
1- ___________________________________________
2- ___________________________________________ 3- ___________________________________________
You may work on all 3 for 90 days or one each month. Either way you will have all 3 completed at the end of the 90 Day Goals period.

Now list one BIG Dream or Goal from the above list to work on for today.

Write it out:
Your BIG Dream, The Prize:
The 3 Step Method
(Do a new 3 Step Method everyday. Everyday the 3 Steps will new and different)

Step One: The Feature
What is one thing that I can do today that will move me forward to this Dream or Goal?
Step Two: The Benefit

What will I get out of accomplishing this today?
Step Three: The Action
Do It NOW!
Write when you are going to do Step One:
Put a time frame on when you will achieve this step. If you can’t do it at that time, you must do it before going to bed this evening. Do Not Go To Sleep Before Accomplishing This.
In 90 Days you will have 90 of these Moving Forward Goals Steps completed. Imagine, 90 ACTION Steps toward your Dreams – done.

Frank Gasiorowski