Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is your Goal to quit smokng? Here's how.

My good friend, Dr. Mike Davison has a powerful program for anyone who wants to quit smoking for good. Listen up, smokers. This could be one of your 2006 Goals.

Have you heard people say that quitting smoking is next to "impossible"?

By 'impossible', they mean it takes massive pain and misery.... it's maybe even harder to quit smoking than stopping heroin.... or maybe you can quit but will have cravings for the rest of your life.

OK, I want to give you some very useful advice now.

Ready? Come closer...Here it is:

IGNORE THESE MESSAGES! And more importantly, know YOU can learn a technique that takes less than a minute that can help YOU become SMOKE FR*EE FOR GOOD.

Imagine the feeling you would have if you were SMOKE FR*EE FOR GOOD.

Imagine the improvement in your health.

Anyway ... Quitting for you may have been next to impossible (until now)...

There are techniques, strategies and a mindset that will help

Here is what this individualized program involves.

Three one-on-one telephone sessions to FR*EE yourself from smoking.I will work with you personally on a one-on-one basis, as you empower yourself to become SMOKE FR*EE FOR GOOD.

I will coach you with a combination of information, hypnosis, and Cognitive Behavioral Technologies. We will examine your relationship with smoking. We will examine your beliefs around smoking. We will use hypnosis to help you absorb a new way of looking at yourself that will facilitate your movement toward being SMOKE FR*EE FOR GOOD.

You will also receive some powerful BONUSES.

The BONUSES include three powerful hypnosis CD's that will reinforce your commitment and help you continue to EXPAND your healing journey that are valued at $397. You can't lose because you get to keep the bonuses if you are not Smoke FR*EE after the program ends.

It's a total Win-Win opportunity.

You will also receive FR*EE unlimited email support for 30 days.

I am offering this individualized program for only $347.

That’s right, only $347. (A two pack a day smoker is currently investing this much)

Listen to this part carefully: This program WILL work ... or will be refunded ALL of your money and YOU KEEP THE BONUS CD's forFR*EE!

You have NOTHING to lose by trying this.

Remember, if you are not SMOKE FR*EE after this program, you will get a 100% refund....AND YOU STILL KEEP THE BONUSES FOR FR*EE.

Why can I make such an outrageous offer? Simple. I know this approach works. I've used it myself years ago, and used the principles to help many folks become SMOKE FR*EE FOR GOOD.

Email me to get started now.

You'll be glad you did. YOU deserve it.

Respectfully,Dr. Mike Davison

P.S. I can only work with 15 people with this offer, as it is all individualized.

Email today if you are ready to start or want to reserve sessions for early in January!
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