Friday, December 09, 2005

The Gift of the 12 Principles

The Gift of the 12 Principles (to use before New Year’s Eve)
by Frank Gasiorowski, "Mr. 90 Day Goals"

The 12 Principles

1- Vision, Dreams & Goals

2- Purpose, planning for success

3- Reality, set goals for the New Year

4- Self-talk, with daily affirmations

5- Focus, taking action steps

6- Habits, with new attitudes and perceptions

7- Enthusiasm, Be Happy, use this every day

8- Giving and Receiving, Give from the Heart

9- F.A.I.T.H, Never give up, Believe

10- Wisdom, Keep learning

11- Time. Let time work for you

12- Harvest, Plant your seeds now

The Gift of 12 Principles are designd for quick reference.
A guide that you can keep in your day planner.

Implement the 12 principles each day for the rest of the month;
Focus on them in your daily planning rituals.

Expand on the meaning of each one and what it means to you.

Write them out, concentrate and meditate on everyone of them.

To do the 12 Principles is a choice for you to make,
but remember,
not making this choice, is your choice.

Use these 12 Principles in 2006 and your life
will become abundantly Blessed.

GOD Bless and Good Bliss.