Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Take the long route and DO IT NOW!

Take The Long Route.

Because by taking the long route you learn
more of what you need to know.

Obstacles and roadblocks are good for us
as they set the stage for our growth.

They are there for a purpose and we must navigate
around them before we be all that we can be.

Roadblocks become the stepping stones
to achieving your BIG Dream.

You can not circumvent the obstacles by
taking a shortcut to your future.

A shortcut will CUT SHORT your Dream.

Let me explain.

We live in an age of instant gratification.

We want everything NOW:

Instant messages
microwave popcorn
cable news
fast food
minute rice
instant eBooks
instant information downloads
online bill paying
Fax documents
cell phones
computer data
movies on demand
and the list is endless.

Why would we ever want to take the
long way when we can have it now?

Because, the long route gives us the
tools we will need in the future.

We can learn the many things and valuable lessons
that can make us succeed further down the road.

Example: If a football player runs into the game
after having the summer off without practicing and warming up,
they can and most likely will get seriously hurt.

Try to take a college exam while still in grade school
and you usually will fail.

If you ask someone to marry when you first meet,
you may not make it to a second date.

The benefit of taking the long way is that you prepare yourself
for the what is to come next;
the natural progression toward your Dream.

Taking the long way opens vistas for your long term growth.

You get to savor the moment, appreciate the learning
and able to direct that knowledge
for better decision making in the future.

Do It Now! is the Nike slogan and in many cases
that works but do it longer, better and with more
understanding of the process, that is
something that works well also.

Don't try to make a cake by leaving out some of the ingredients
or raising the temperture of the oven for faster baking.
You won't get a cake, you will get a mess.

You can't save time but you can use time to your advantage.
Use time to make the best use of your purpose.

Obstacles become stepping stones and
stepping stones pave the road for your

Take the long route but Do It NOW!

I wrote an article on NOW,
April 10, 2005 and I have included
it in this email for your interest.

You can juxtapose the two articles for even greater
understanding of Taking The Long Route and NOW.

By Frank Gasiorowski
April 10, 2005

All that you ever have is NOW.

The past is gone,
The future is but a dream,
NOW is the only thing that
Is ever-present and constant.

Become ONE with your NOW,
It is your security and companion.

Become friendly with your NOW,
Or life’s freedoms will never be seen.

Your future is NOW,
It is the only place that exists.

The NOW is spiritual,
Your NOW being is sacred.

Strive to live in the NOW,
This is where creation begins,
The NOW is not what happens,
it is space in where it happens.

The NOW is not your mind,
It is the space between thoughts.

The NOW is timeless,
It is the space between times.

All that we ever have is NOW.

You are NOW,
You are life,

All that you will ever have is NOW.

Frank Gasiorowski
"Mr. 90 Day Goals"