Monday, November 14, 2005

So you want to be an Author?

90DayGoals Team,

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The easiest way to change your life and create your dream is to become a published author.

That is how I started 90 Day Goals.

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Recently, I attended a seminar put on by one of the biggest names in the book publishing and Internet marketing business. They took a survey on how many people wanted to write a book.

Guess how many people raised their hands?

98% of the seminar guest indicated that writing a book was at the top of their Goals list.

98% wanted to write but what percent of that same group will do it?

Maybe ½ half of 1% will accomplish it.


They don’t have the tools to make writing their book a reality and they don’t know where to get that help.

What you need is a system which allows you to focus and execute your authoring idea into the market place rapidly.

I found just the system and I used it to create my dream. I look forward to sharing with you a system referred to as "entrepreneurial authoring" and publishing, which provides you a personalized system to guarantee your success!

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Never has there been an opportunity to gain instant access to a New York publisher without an agent or a formal book proposal.


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Frank Gasiorowski,
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