Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The first "TodaysGuest" Media Interviews - Today

Hello 90 Day Goals Team

Thank you all for your support in my newest venture, the “TodaysGuest” Interviews. I interviewed two people today and the calls were fantastic. I now can see that my vision to provide everyone a vehicle to be professionally interviewed and recorded is a viable endeavor.

YOU can have a CD and a MP3 of your product, eBook, article, audio/video, mission or passion to present to any media outlet, publisher, agent and Radio or TV producer within 10-14 days.

"TodaysGuest" Media Interviews

Have you ever Dreamed of being interviewed on the Internationally acclaimed broadcast media?

Would you want to have your interview and Media information kit ready to send out to News editors, TV producers and radio shows host?

Would you like someone to provide you the tools to accomplish that?

“ and Frank Gasiorowski, “Mr. 90 Day Goals” will give you that giant leap to your future media promotional goals. and are affiliated with the “TodaysGuest” Interview program. This team will provide the resources for you to take the next step to achieving ultimate media exposure.

The “TodaysGuest” Media Program is a ½ hour tele-interview hosted by Frank Gasiorowski and other media professionals. We prepare you for the interview beforehand so that you will feel comfortable and we will present you as the expert in your field.

When we are finished recording you’ll know why we say that is as easy as talking to a friend on the phone. You will receive your “TodaysGuest” interview on a Windows Media Player CD and on MP3 format that you can download and listen to anytime.

The “TodaysGuest” interview will be available immediately to listen to on the phone. This will stay live for 10 day’s so that you can have people listen to your conference from the convenience of their telephone.

You will receive:

· A questionnaire that supplies the information needed for the interview.
· Email support to prepare you for the interview.
· A phone run-through before the call.
· Coaching support to make your interview your best ever.
· A LIVE, ½ hour “TodaysGuest” recorded interview.
· Instant access to your interview via the phone for 10 days.
· A download page to download your interview to any windows computer.
· A CD of your “TodaysGuest” interview with your info printed on it.
· FR*EE Option: I will archive your interview on the website.
· You will receive full rights to use the interview in your media promotions
· A FR*EE coaching and strategy session on how to market yourself to the media.
· A write-up in the 90 Day Goals and/or the ezines.
· A Media Information template to custom design your media materials.

Inaugural rates are at the lowest they will ever be. You won’t believe your investment is only $333 for the complete package offer.

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You now can be a Celebrity Expert in your field and present yourself as a professional media mogul.

Frank Gasiorowski
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