Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mr. 90 Day Goals, Hello, I'm back.

Mr. 90 Day Goals, Hello, I'm back.

Hello Bloggers and the 90-Day Goals team. It has been a long time since my last Blog but I'm back and happy with all that is happening with the 90-Day Goals development plans. I have returned from my 1st TV interview at Nutmeg TV studios in Plainville, CT. The show is "The Book Authority" with Brian Jud. Brian is a fantastic host and we had a great interview. Anyone in the Hartford area can get this cable program on Channels 5 or 22 and will air at 8 pm EDT, August 2, 2005. I'll get my broadcast copy soon after that date. I will make it available to the 90 Day Goals Team Drop me a line on this Blog or email me at

I am interested in your Dreams, Goals stories and accomplishments. Please send them to me at the above email address. Your stories are inspirational and I consider it an honor for you to share them with me. "Live for your Dreams everyday and watch the Miracles happen in your life." That is my daily mantra. Believe it, have F.A.I.T.H, and take Action daily. You will start to have Miracles also.

I will be attending SuccessMania2005 in Atlanta, September 10 & 11, 2005. John Di Lemme and Mike Litman host this event. The program is the only "GO TO" event of 2005 featuring 9 great speakers. Go to and see what’s happening for this event.

Shelby Collinge,, was our guest speaker on the Total Self Mastery University this week and she "WOWED" us with her expertise, passion and her giving attitude. Shelby is one of the truly great people who have provided expert Attitude, Skills and Knowledge skills to our clients and students. Thanks Shelby, YOU are the best. Check out her website. Today more then any other time in history, Relationships are a prime factor in getting ahead in business, social settings and in your personal growth. Shelby can help you find your way.

I have recorded an interview for Dr. Robert Stuberg, founder of Dr. Mike Davison, one of the VIP coach/mentors with Dr. Mike Davison interviewed me about 90 Day Goals. Dr. Mike has a talent for making his guest comfortable, his interview style is exciting and he creates a FUN event. Thanks Dr. Mike.

Total Self Mastery University has finished recording the 30th teleseminar this week. This one-year program will be the basis for our book, "A Course In Total Self Mastery" which we plan to be published in 2006. Check us out at brings us up to date. I'll be posting Blogs more often now so bookmark this spot and check back frequently.

Bless you all.