Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why do you get up in the morning?

First, do you have an answer for this
What is life all about?
Have you ever thought about that?
What is YOUR life all about?
That is even more intriguing.

Is your life about a particular passion?
Are you using your TALENTS for
Developing that passion?

Do you even have a passion about life?
Does that passion get you so fired-up
That nothing can keep you down?

Is it a drive that forces you out of bed
in the morning and perhaps,
keeps you up at night?

What are your God given Gifts?
Do you know that you have them?

Do you realize that if you don’t
Use those talents and gifts,
You might as well stop reading now
and go back to bed and sleep, sleep, sleep.

OK, this is not a negative email,
it is a very positive one because
you do have talents and gifts that
only you possess.

You are one of a kind.

Yes, you read that correctly.

YOU are uniquely designed to enhance
The world with your gifts. The best part
Is that you are the only individual in
The world who can use them.

Please Frank, I have tried to find my
Talents and gifts but I seen unable
To discover what they may be.

Relax, the answer is not as hard as it seems.

Ask someone what it is that you do best.
What is it that makes you different?
What do you do better than anyone else?
What have people been saying about you?

Have you ever heard someone say?

• That you would give the shirt
Off your back if someone needed it
• You are so kind and helpful
• I love listening to you talk
• Kid’s and animal’s just seem to love you
• You really understand the Bible
• Accounting comes easy to you
• You have so much integrity
• I can’t believe how fast you can run
• You have so much common sense
• You should have become an actor

These are the clues to finding your talents and gifts.
Just listen, ask and become aware of what you have.

Here is the best part. When you find them and start
Using the talents and gifts that you are blessed with,
life, as you know it will supernaturally change.

It’s like a miracle is occurring in your life every day.

A MIRACLE every day, you say? YES!

Now, is that worth getting up for every morning?

You bet your life it is.

That is why I say,

“Live for your Dreams each day and watch
the Miracles happen in your life.”

I love being with Dream achievers like you.



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