Monday, November 10, 2008

Make Your LIGHT Shine In 2009

How To Make Your LIFE & LIGHT Shine in 2009.

Do you ever feel that your dreams are impossible to achieve?
Have you been looking for a simple plan to try to succeed?

Are the letters in the word,
“G O A L S” creating a scary
Place in your mind?

Here is a method that is derived from Ancient Success Secrets
That have been passed down for over 2500 years.

The 13 Principles to Goals Success.

1- PURPOSE – Why are you living?
2- VISION – What are your Dreams?
3- REALITY – Write Goals (Planting Seeds)
4- SELF-TALK – Use Affirmations & ICAN
5- FOCUS – Have a Definiteness of Purpose, Take ACTION
6- HABITS – Develop Discipline, Attitudes and Perceptions
7- ENTHUSIASM – Be HAPPY, Laugh, BE Inspired
8- GIVING/RECEIVING – An unbroken circle of life
9- FAITH – Believe and Never Give-up
10- WISDOM – Our Tree of Knowledge
11- TIME – When you know about time, Time works for you
12- MORAL VIRTURE – Always Be true to you.
13- HARVEST – Seed time and Harvest never cease.

Create a habit of investigation. Use a new principle each week for
13 weeks. Once through, do it again, again and again.

In a 52 week span you will have applied these principles
4 separate times thus mastering the system and becoming
the LIGHT that you want to see in this World.

The system of the 13 Principles works on the time proven
Yearly Theory of Seasons;

"While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest…
Shall not cease." the Bible

Start by discovering your Life's Purpose and allow yourself
to Finish-up with an Abundant Life Harvest in 2009.

Let Your Light Shine in 2009.


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