Monday, October 20, 2008

90DayGoals VIP Team Wants To Know, "How can We get Our Own Radio Show/"

They laughed When I Said That I Was Starting My Own
Radio Show.

Now they are listening on radio and watching me on TV
with a 100,000+ viewer base that is growing steadily
each and everyday. Now, you can do it also.

Have you ever felt that you had something that you wanted to
pursue but never found a way to start?

It feels like you are in a box with no way to get out.

I could not even pick-up a phone to speak on a teleseminar
without getting cold chills and breathing hard.
Sometimes, I choked-up and nothing came out of my mouth.

Finally, I discovered the way out.

Now, over 7,000 people have downloaded my PowerTalk,
BlogTalkRadio show this year. This is from only one of my shows.

We had the FAB-5 Radio team this year with a new show each day.
All of a sudden we had 100's of shows recorded and archived on

Thousands more were downloaded from listeners
who are craving Expert-Guest info on "TodaysGuest."

I consider this a miracle?

Now I am doing what I love each day, meeting celebrities,
authors, actors and experts in all areas of professionalism.

No one is laughing now and you can have this lifestyle also.

Work from home, in your PJ's and slippers, set your own hours,
create opportunities that would have never came your way,
have Experts give you their private phone numbers, create and
connect with a network of professionals that are off-limits to
the average individual.

Here are the 10 steps to starting your own
radio show starting today.

The 10 Steps to starting your own Radio show.

1- What is a BTR show? BTR is called a branded social radio
network and the media radio station of the future.

2- Who can host programs? You host your own programs or
use existent audio content from teleseminars, podcast's or
combine both "LIVE" and recorded material.

3- Where can people hear your show and how? People can
hear your show anywhere because of the unique platform that
is used. You are provided a widget to use on the web.
Live shows can be heard by phone or as a webcast or podcast.

4- Where do I sign-up? Register as a listener or as a host.

5- Why would I want to have a BTR show? If you are in business,
creating an Internet presence, or you just want to get your ideas
across to the International radio audience, BTR is for you.

6- When can I host my shows? Anytime, 24/7 and your archived
audio stream is available for download around the clock also.

7- How do I get started? Just sign-up, get approved and start
your shows. You can create your own BTR blog, show description,
authors Amazon links with graphics and a switchboard that allow
for Chats and to open caller phone lines for taking questions.

You get a message center and Friends
section that encourages social networking.

8- How can I use BTR to market my business?
You can use BTR as a seminar forum, a radio show and a
downloadable MP3 series for information dissemination.
You can interview experts in the field and even offer
incentives for promotion of your own business.

9- How much money will I need to get started? All you need
is a phone line and a computer and you are ready to start your
radio show. Private coaching is available at an added cost.

10- How easy is it with a Private Coach to get started? You can do it
yourself if you are so inclined. A trainor/coach can get you
started with your own radio show and save you time of trying to learn
it all by yourself.

Our Private Coaches can offer working with you by creating your
first shows with lead-in/out music and audio that can be inserted
into the show. Shows can be 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and longer
in length. A coach will ease the technical aspects associated
with starting your own radio show.

I have 11 openings to train clients 1-1 in creating your own
BTR show.

If you want to achieve the dream of hosting your own radio show
and even a TV show, I can show you how, easily and quickly.

I am researching the possibility of doing a teaching teleseminar.

If you would like a special VIP training teleseminar
on the details for hosting your own BTR Radio show this year,
Email me.

Anyone who is interested in attending a FR*EE teleseminar,
please email me at:
Subject: BTR teleseminar


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Congratulations! Your articles are very useful to me. I want to start an Internet business but confused start from where.

here you give 10-step, which is very good. I would appreciate your guidance

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