Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Snickered When I Said That I am Producing the "TodaysGuest" TV Show.

Today and into 2008, those same people can listen and watch the TodaysGuest" interview show on both radio and television. That is the power of having Goals and taking Action Steps everyday.
When I created the website January 1, 2004, I had a Vision, a Dream and a Goal
without really knowing what I was doing. I took on various Mentors to assist me with the knowledge that I needed to make my Dreams a reality.
If you would like the same system that I used to create the 90DayGoals system, go to and register for my FR*EE eZine. I will send you via email the exact 7 Steps that I used. You will receive one everyday for a week. That is one of many gifts that I will offer you from LLC.

90DayGoals VIP Team members will be kept up to date with all of the LLC endeavors. 

One of the newest programs is listed below. 

This radio show is a Miracle on how it came into being.  Another program that I was involved with was cancelled and some of the 90DayGoals and team members came together and said to me, "Let's put together our own show."  Within hours, the 1st BlogTalkRadio, "TodaysGuest" FAB-5 radio show was started. 

You can listen everyday, Monday through Friday at 10am ET via phone (1-646-716-9817) or on the internet at 

The "TodaysGuest" FAB-5 are, Mondays...Frank Gasiorowski, "Mr90DayGoals"...Tuesday...Dr. Mike Davison, "Your Destiny Doctor"...Wednesday...Tracy Repchuk..."Marketing Make-Over Maestro"...Thursday...Penni Wild..."The DalaiMomma"... and Friday...Ronda Del Baccio.."The Storyation" lady.

The newest season of "TodaysGuest" Television is starting this November.
Stay tuned for the new 2008 programing schedule.