Friday, February 17, 2006

Goal Setting, What's In It For Me? WIIFM

W.I.I.F.M. Radio

Have you ever heard of the radio station, WIIFM?

It is the “What’s In It For Me?” Radio Station and it is inside your head.

Everyday we hear radio commercials, newspaper ads, TV commercials, get Internet spam, pick-up our junk mail, read billboards, see posters and hear someone pushing their ideas and/or product on us. Sometimes we buy what they are selling on emotion or needs but we always make that decision by a “What’s In It For Me?” perception.

How do setting goals relate to the WIIFM concept?

Without goals, we stagnate and our dreams will not come true. Without a written game plan we will not achieve success in our endeavors. You could not build a house that would stand for hundreds if not thousands of years without a plan. You would not travel to a destination of any distance without a plan. A plan does not mean that you get it right the first time but a plan allows for you to have the freedom make corrections in order to get to the final destination. Do you realize that airline pilots are off course a large percentage of the time? It’s the course correction that finally takes them to the correct landing spot. They also have a chart or a map that has been created by someone who has been there before. That takes much of the stress off of doing it all by yourself.

Goal setting is your plan, writing it down is your way to chart your course and make corrections to get what you want. Taking daily action steps are the ways to make it happen. Using a mentor or an upline leader is a sure fire way to achieve your goals because they have been where you are and you don’t have to re-invent the process.

The value of setting goals is that it is the only way to make your dreams come true.

Goals come from a dream, a dream that comes from your heart and what is in your heart comes from your creator. Your creator loves you and your dream loves you but the question is… Do you love your dream well enough to go after it? Can you ask for help with your dream? Ask and you shall receive…Receive your dream…That’s “what’s In It for you”, the realization of a worthwhile dream.

Frank Gasiorowski, Ph.D. Philosophy/Humanities is an Author, Speaker, Radio and TV Guest for and Voice-Over narrator on the new BIBLEMIX CD. Frank is one of the founders of the "Total Self Mastery University" with Dr. Mike Davison. Frank is the Founding Director of F.A.I.T.H. Ministry.