Sunday, January 01, 2006

90 Day Goals Trick for Success in 2006

Happy New Year, 90 Day Goals VIP Team.

Here's a great way to remember to
accomplish your goals for 2006.

When you see 2006 this year
remember to break it apart into

2, 0+0, 6

2 = Think about your Creator and yourself
You were given a gift from your Creator.
That gift was designed specifically for you.
Find out what that gift is and honor it.
That gift will be your abundance in life.
Plant that seed today for a bountiful
harvest in your life later.

0+0 = The two 0's are your new glasses for opportunity.
Look at the O's as your personal spectacles to
see what is happening everyday of the year.
These views may be macro or micro. Use this
new way of seeing new opportunities each day,
to improve and to take Action on your Goals.

6 = Six Action steps to make 2006 your best ever.

1- THINK about 2006 and Write your 90 Day Goals.
2- VISUALIZE yourself achieving them.
3- Have FAITH that you will accomplish them.
4- Feed your subconscious mind with AFFIRMATIONS.
5- Be persistant and NEVER GIVE-UP on your Dreams.
6- The power of GIVING: Be of service to others.

Whenever you see 2006 this year, break it apart and see your Creator and yourself, your Gift, use your new Vision glasses to see every new opportunity in your life, and take the 6 Action Steps each day. Think and write your Goals, Visualize yourself accomplishing them, use the knowledge that your Faith will be working for you by using powerful affirmations to stimulate your subsonscious mind, never give-up on yourself or your Dreams and Give your service to others and it will return to you in abundance.

This simple 90 Day Goals trick in 2006 will work Miracles.