Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Watch what happens when you use 90 Day Goals

Hello 90 Day Goals Team.

I created the "TodaysGuest" Interview program. This is another Dream and Goal that I have had throughout my life. A way to use my talent to help other people. To help them get a start, a foot up on the competition and put them on the FAST TRACK to their Dreams and Goals.

This week on "TodaysGuest" Interviews, I am proud to have John Abbott on the program. John is a successful Real Estate businessman and a Radio Personality. John has recently started his own Internet radio station and recorded a music CD. I am excited to have
John Abbott on the "TodaysGuest" program this Wednesday.

90 Day Goals "TIP" for today.

I do one or more things everyday to move my life or business forward. I write them down. I list why they are important to me and I "Just do it" now. Just think, in 90 days you will have 90 + ACTION STEPS accomplished toward your Dreams and Goals. 90 plus ACTION STEPS.

This one TIP will make your Dreams and Goals come true in record time.

I will have the "TodaysGuest" Interviews posted on this site when they become available.

Stay tuned.

Frank Gasiorowski, Editorial Contributor